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Loading/lowloader transport/shipping

Modern large agricultural machines require special transport because their size often reaches the legally permissible dimensions and weights for road transport.

We will be happy to assist you in finding suitable carriers with low bed vehicles, whether nationally or abroad.

Normally, loading is performed free of charge, except in the case of additional handling required for preparation for container transport.

With our excellent loading equipment, we can cope with the very largest machines.

When it comes to arranging ship transport, whether ro-ro or container shipments, we have excellent contacts with carriers so that we can obtain a cost-efficient offer and inquire at almost any destination port.

On request, we can provide you with an offer including enabling us to organise complete delivery from the port to your "doorstep".


An efficient, young and powerful, used machine always represents a considerable financial investment.

A suitable payment plan is easy on your budget and creates room for financial manoeuvre.

We have been working for many years now with well-known financing banks and leasing companies, which have national "on-site" branch offices or subsidiaries all over the world.

The financing banks know our reliability in terms of quality and compliance with delivery obligations.

We will be happy to provide contact details to enable a member of our field sales team to contact you directly concerning the financing application.


If you do decide for one of our machines, whether "as is" or reconditioned, you will of course receive all the necessary vehicle documents.

For our export customers, we can create export accompanying documents, EUR 1, certificates of origin, COC confirmation declarations, supplier declarations and any inspection certificates necessary for import into the destination country.


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